Striving for Organization

I am, by nature organized, which is what spurred me to invent a product like the Bobee Diaper & Wipe Dispenser. This past weekend, however, ended up being a scramble and so unlike how I normally handle things. It was all in preparation for my oldest son’s

Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

fifth birthday party, Easter, having family in town, etc.

The days leading up to the birthday party were filled with running around, juggling errands and getting a lot done in a time crunch.  It went something like this…

Thursday: Went to Target to pick up the piñata. Drove to Party City to get candy to fill the piñata. Filled the piñata in the car to make sure I had enough candy. Confirmed I had too much candy and decided what to do with candy. Went back into Party City and bought bags for the kids to put the candy in once the piñata was hit open. Bought cake plates. Went to Costco and ordered a birthday cake. Shopped at Costco for the grocery list. Went to King Soopers and ordered a second birthday cake (we needed two, one for the actual birthday and one for the birthday party).

The next day continued…. Decorated! Went to Costco and picked up the birthday cake. Back to King Soopers to pick up the other birthday cake. Chose cupcakes for the school birthday celebration and bought more push pins to hang the streamers & other decorations. Delivered cupcakes to Colby’s school. Coordinated with the teachers for the younger brother to participate in the school birthday cupcake snack.  Went home and decorated some more.  Realized we didn’t have anything for the kids to drink at the party.  Scrambled off to Walmart to get cups. Luckily I had a lot of milk from previous Costco run. When there, I bought cake plates (I forgot I had already purchased some the prior day during the King Soopers run). Raced to the airport to pick up my Mom who was here for the birthday party. Picked up the kids and was finally able to relax because I had gotten everything done.

At the end of the day, it all went great. We had a lot of fun and it was a very eventful day, which included an Easter egg hunt in our town square, having my in-laws join us for a pancake breakfast, executing the birthday party for 25 people, and managing the rest of what is typically a very busy Saturday.

Although it all went well, the process for preparing for the weekend could’ve been more efficient and streamlined. It’s this striving for order and perfection that led to my invention.

Peel & Stick Wall Decals

Peel & Stick Wall Decals

The Bobee diaper & wipe dispenser was an idea I came up with when I moved to Colorado into a small apartment. I had an 18-month-old at the time and another on the way. When we moved in, I was looking for something to hold the diapers and wipes up and out of the way. Of course I didn’t find something I liked so I created my first prototype out of a diaper box.  Now you see we are three years later (that 18-month-old just had his fifth birthday party!) We are successfully selling not only the diaper stacker but we’re also about to launch a new line of peel and stick wall decals.


About bobeeinc

Mom-invented the wall mounted diaper & wipe dispenser to help save time and organize the changing table. With colorful peel & stick wall decals, customize the Bobee to coordinate with the nursery. Award winning, patent pending, and top nursery must-have item, (according to moms and The Ricki Lake Show).
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  1. Love your blog!! The Bobee is such a wonderful invention!! 🙂

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